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Perspectrum Art Advisory is an independent advisory firm with a diverse range of expertise in Modern and Contemporary art. We provide customized collecting programs for a limited number of clients and maximize the inherent value in their art collections. With a complete understanding of their aesthetic tastes, collecting objectives, and financial concerns, we assist clients in discovering the perspectives on collections. We suggest innovative strategies for collecting from an objective and neutral view encompassing the full spectrum of the art world. This thoroughly personalized approach enables us to provide tailored visions for each collection and help clients shape their unique collections of great importance.

Through our practice over ten years, we have been working with corporate clients, institutions, and private individuals as partners. We have been committed to the growth and success of distinctive and superior collections. 



PAA’s Collection Management program involves cataloging, valuation, and maintenance. To maintain a collection efficiently, we organize and analyze all of the information on the collection, including images, descriptions, provenance, exhibition history, and current location. We provide the highest standard appraisals for a few select works of art and the entire collection with in-depth knowledge of art and its market. We also counsel our clients regarding conservation requirements, storage logistics, and future installations.


PAA’s Collection Development program proceeds with understanding the collector’s tastes and objectives, suggesting a clear vision and concept of the collection, and providing a systematic collecting strategy. Through in-depth interviews, we ensure our clients articulate their visions and philosophy of art collecting and set the direction of the collection based on research on collections of great importance. We realize the creation of a unique and valuable collection with customized collection strategies of acquisition and potential sales when building and expanding nascent and mature collections and refining them.


PAA helps clients make financial, aesthetically, and historically valuable acquisitions based on insights that predict market trends. Conducting comprehensive market research of galleries, art fairs, auctions, biennials, and art gallery exhibitions, we find artworks that fulfill the client's desires and operate ahead of the market in identifying potential value. The portfolio accompanies by an in-depth price analysis that includes evaluations of critical importance, rarity, condition, and provenance. We facilitate the process at every step, including negotiating, paying, framing, transporting, and installing on our client's behalf.



57, Hannam-daero 42-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul,

Republic of Korea, (04417)

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